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Hygiene Pole Dancing - Pole Dance Classes Boulder Metro CO - 970-377-9945 - 720-318-1749 - Northern Colorado Yoga

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Northern Colorado Pole Dance Aerial Yoga - CLICK: POLE DANCE & AERIAL YOGA CLASS SCHEDULE | Call Vertical Fusion Ft Collins: 970-377-9945 - Boulder: 720-318-1749 for Current Specials and Offers.

Carnevil Showcase - Rebecca & Flora

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Northern Colorado Pole Dance Aerial - Fort Collins and Boulder | | 5.0 Star Review - The poles are very tall and the room is big, spacious and wide open. Everything was extremely clean and pristine. All of the Vertical Fusion Dance Students were friendly and I definitely had a fantastic time poling with them. FYI the Platinum Stages dance poles SPIN very, very fast. Thank you and when I am in town, I will be back.

Vertical Fusion * Mission: Have fun & live out loud! Vertical Fusion offers experiences through yoga, dance, pole fitness training, within a tight knit community that enrichs & empowers all involved. By promoting a positive self-image, embrace diversity, self-acceptance and while offering and receiving compassion encouragement from other dance studio members.

FAQs: What else should I be aware of? A: No contract required (except for monthly unlimited). Written notice of cancellation must be received 10 business days prior to your next renewal date.

Offering: Pole Dance Classes workouts, classes and events around the Northern Colorado Area.

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Northern Colorado Pole Dance and Aerial Yoga

Vertical Fusion - 3523 S Mason St, Fort Collins, CO 80525 - 970-377-9945
6655 Arapahoe Rd, Boulder, CO 80303 - 720-318-1749

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