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Situations may arise where a member doesn’t so much want to sell, but that through certain events he must sell. For example, you will greatly appreciate being able to buy the members interest or not give them controlling interest in the event of death, bankruptcy, insanity or incompetence, conviction of a felony, involvement in an activity that harms the business or reputation of the company, failure to make a capital contribution, termination of employment if employed by the company, divorce where the inactive spouse obtains the interest of the active spouse in a property settlement, and a member's default of any obligation owed by the member to the company.

Many people are enlisting certain "loan modification" companies for assistance with loan modifications on their residences. This is a largely unregulated area of the law and it is the firm's experience that many people are being ripped off. The Gwynn Law Firm is prepared to give your mortgage an honest look to see if we can help with a modification. The law is changing quickly. You need an attorney on your side to protect your most important asset. Riverside Court Attorney.

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